Imma Tell Ya A Wee Bit Bout “LECTRA” 2/3

Diamino works alongside Modaris. After you are satisfied with your pattern, you tranfer it to this piece of work (Diamino) and you’re ready to make your layout plan as efficient as possible. You could play around with it to get the best out of it; the higher the rate at the efficiency bar, the more efficient your pattern is or you could simple just be lazy and go with the automated way, let Diamino do the laying out for ya 😀

diamino, layout planning

diamino, layout planning

I did struggle a little bit more with this, because once again the wrong click could really mess up a lot of things for you. I liked it but am possibly not enjoying it as much as Modaris since I’ve still not got quite the hang.

And that explains why this post is shorter than the rest. No worries, victory shall be mine. There’s still hope for the future. ;P