Have you heard of Shingo Sato?

Neither did I, until today ^_^

He is a fashion designer/pattern maker famous for his Transformational Reconstruction (TR) approach to pattern design. He has unusual design process in which he designs directly on the form. He adds fullness, decorative details, seaming and the best fit, all as he works directly on his figures. This process he uses was learned when he began his design career with Azzedine Alaia in Paris.










The example above is just the beginning. He was at our University today and he showed us various forms he had finished; believe me when I say I was gutted to have gotten late to his presentation due to the fact that i had gone to the wrong room first. And I was again gutted when I got there and the front spaces were taken.

And guess what? I couldn’t take any photos in my position. There was so much as well 😦 But hey, he’s got some videos up at Youtube and here are the one I’ve checked out below:

Shingo Sato is from Sapporo city in Japan. He went to Bunka Fashion College in Hokkaido.

Worked as a technical assistant from year 1982 – 1986 in Azzedine alaia in Paris.

In Trussardi in Milano, Mr Sato worked as a pattern maker from year 1986 – 1990.

Now, he has his own studio in Milan 🙂

So… yeah, just had to share this cause he is awesome!


In Pitt Rivers Museum

Expecting to get some inspiration for my project, went to Pitt Rivers museum as a group with my course mates. Got my camera set, ready to open my mind to everything I will see and ignore the fact that I don’t really like going to museums.

Upon getting there, the building was quite interesting.

from Pitt River’s museum

Must say that I totally like the medieval architecture (learnt this term while I was trying to describe the form of architecture) It’s basically a term used to represent various forms of architecture common in Medieval Europe. 🙂

Upon getting inside, I met with Mr Leopard( well obviously a stuffed one), with his beautiful brown eyes, couldn’t help it, had to take a pic.

from Pitt Rivers museum

Went in further, excited about the cool colourful things I might find and I stood before this building

from Pitt Rivers museum

from Pitt Rivers museum

Like it so much; it’s a colourful building (from the 16th-17th century) and it looks really cool, why wouldn’t I like it? haha.

Then there was the beautiful art work with water-colour “Chinese White” and Ivory Black” from the 1980s by Page of London

from Pitt Rivers museum

I smiled when I saw this

from Pitt Rivers museum

I really do want to believe this is similar to hockey. I mean everything looks similar except for the fact that they are in horses.

And here is Mr and Mrs truly vibrant, unusual, beady, yeah…Africana 🙂

from Pitt Rivers museum

You gotta admit it looks so cool and adorable. It’s a set (cloth and beads on metal framework) called “Tea Party” by MaHlambisa (cannot even pronounce that lol).

Check this other cool stuff out

from Pitt Rivers museum

It’s a fan; “made of cane, dyed yarn and recycled packing straps, the edges are chicken feathers, some of it dyed pink” By Susan Mailau.

Did look out for some fabric, but could only get a picture of two of them that I really liked.

from Pitt Rivers museum

from Pitt Rivers museum

Unfortunately, didn’t really get the names of these but they caught my attention and I had to take a photo 🙂

Overall, my visit to the Pitt Rivers museum was quite exciting actually. Although I didn’t get the inspiration I was expecting to get for my project (to be more specific, wanted to see more Asian stuff), I did get to see some interesting historical things. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t mind going to museums from now on. ^_^