TEE SHIRT PROJECT [Moodboard outcomes] 2/2

Visual kei emerged in the early 1980s, pioneered by bands such as X Japan, D’erlanger, Buck-Tick and Color. The term visual kei is believed to come from one of X Japan’s slogans, “Psychedelic violence crime of visual shock”.




















I didn’t only look into Visual Kei but also into Anime/Manga, so I could try mixing them together. To achieve this, I looked into other t-shirt prints that involved visual kei and came across the likes of Sex Pot Revenge, Geshhou, RippleJunction and the cool Hirooka Naoto.

The outcome was cool VK prints. Not too graphic and not too simple. Check out my board containing the final t-shirts below and also the mood board I re-created, which to me came out better than the first.

Redone Moodboard

Redone Moodboard

Final t-shirts board

Final t-shirts board







What do you think?

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Ma muse Amber Liu (wearing on of ma tshirt) lol

Ma muse Amber Liu (wearing on of ma tshirt) lol


TEE SHIRT PROJECT [Moodboard outcomes] 1/2

Wednesday was the deadline for our mood boards at AUB and I must say it got surprisingly stressful for me at the last minute.

Just when you think you got it all sorted; you’re gonna get this project over and done with before then and then them silly doubts starts creeping into your mind even when you’ve finished.

We were required to research and develop using a sketch book or blog about the project, produce a mood board containing our brand, logo and strap line and then design a range of t-shirts and produce another board presenting our final best ideas. Then after all that, we had to open a shop at spreadshirt (my uh-oh moment there)<—- Say wha? :O

There was a slight panic as the mood board for a brand, logo and strap line’s deadline date got nearer. I had ideas but there were not firm. Here below is what I presented after giving up; =.=”


Moodboard for my brand, KazDayo

Oh dear, oh dear; I didn’t rush it. Just that I didn’t think too much about laying it out properly, I just wanted to show what I had at the moment and this mood board looked simply and nice in my eyes.

Brushing that off after submitting it, I worked on my sketchbook aiming to make it better and more creative. I was into Visual Kei aka VK. It was not much of a deal to think about ideas because I had already done a t-shirt project during the holidays as you can see in my previous blog. [https://afrijuku.wordpress.com/2013/02/06/holiday-project-22/]

So what does Visual Kei mean?

fave vk bands/artists

fave vk bands/artists
see anyone you like? eheh 😉

“Visual” is in English and “Kei” means style in Japanese (ヴィジュアル系 “bijuaru kei“visual style” or “visual system”)
Some sources state  it’s a type of music from Japan that is a combination of Punk Rock and Glam Rock. It can be hard rock or more easy listening rock. It can be dark and Gothic or bright and cheerful. However other sources state that visual kei is only a fashion, with its unique clothing, make-up and participation in the related subculture being what exemplifies the use of the term.

Artist Miyavi

Artist Miyavi

Hirooka Naoto designgot image from: http://www.kaboodle.com

Hirooka Naoto design
got image from: http://www.kaboodle.com

Well to me, “Visual Kei” is both music and fashion because in any event the clothing is as important to the fans as the music.

Most Visual Kei bands are all male, but it incorporates androgyny so gender doesn’t matter and sometimes you can’t tell the boys from the girls; ha-ha, that’s the fun part of it 😉

My Prints/Pattern Repeat

After getting some prints done for my sketchbook, I stared at them blanking wondering what exactly I was trying to achieve. Although they were all quite interesting, I felt more could be done with them. That’s when pattern repeat with Photoshop came to mind. below are my prints I created with Acrylic paint on layout paper 🙂

Dragging my feet to my Design and Research class, I had a little chat with one of my Lecturers asking her what she thought about my prints. After staring at them for a while, she suggested working with four of them at a time instead of one.

Then, it didn’t really get to me what she meant but I simply nodded as if in agreement. Went to the PC room and scanned my prints in.

inspired by a cosplay with safety pins on a mask. colored background with acrylic and the used stick for the safety pins (yes, those are meant to be safety pins =.=”)

inspired by imagining a very thick forest, i could see a lot of green( the background) and brown, strangely still see blue.

inspired by the sea and star fish (oh yes, them red blob looking things are meant to be star fishes’ ) and there’s some sea sand at the top :3

inspired by mud cloth. Still tryna remember what kind of a story i was tryna portray here, hopefully it’ll come back to me once more and I’ll remember to jot it down. 🙂

had a butterfly print ribbon that i used for my Harajuku cosplay at halloween and stripped it into three, painted over it. THAT (above) happened! XD

My hair’s on that lol jks. Used my hair to paint it. ;P
Inspired by my hair U.U

inspired by the mud cloth. 🙂

Now it was down to Photoshop to do the rest but unfortunately, I couldn’t quite remember how to do the repeat pattern. Decided to search for tutorial: of course using Google 🙂 Took a lot of searching there and here before I could get a tutorial that was quite simple enough for me to get it right. (more…)