Imma Tell Ya A Wee Bit Bout “LECTRA” 1/3

lectra logo

lectra logo

Lectra is the world leader in integrated technology solutions—software, CAD/CAM hardware, and associated services—specifically designed for industries using textiles, leather, industrial fabrics, or composites to manufacture their products. It serves major world markets: fashion, automotive, and furniture as well as a broad array of other industries including aeronautics, marine, wind turbine, etc

It’s our second semester in the Fashion Design course at AUB and we’ve being introduced to the Lectra software. I must it has being quite a journey. It includes three packages which I believe is making an impact in the Fashion world; Modaris, Diamino and Kaledo Style.

kaledo screenshot

kaledo screenshot

diamino screenshot

diamino screenshot

modaris screen shot

modaris screen shot

First day we got into Modaris. The one thing that ticked me off about this package is that the wrong click could drive you mad. You can only left click. Sounded quick straightforward, but the moment we got started it didn’t take seconds before mistakes were made.

Apart from the “left-click” scenario, Modaris to me is a wonderful software. It is used for pattern-making and grading. Basically it makes life a lot easier in that area; that’s when you get the hang of it. It was mostly used in major French and Italian luxurious brands but now has being adopted in different parts of the world. Well, it has reached us here in Europe.

modaris pattern makerya can see front, back, neck rib, sleeve and cuff patterns

modaris pattern maker
ya can see front, back, neck rib, sleeve and cuff patterns

After a few sections of Modaris with our lecturer, I was even more amazed. It did most of the work for me. No more struggling with the measuring tape to get the most accurate measurements on my paper pattern; Modaris was on it!  Shortening/ lengthening a pattern was a few clicks away. Pure genius.

It was so much fun! And I am going to say it again; that’s when you get a hang of it 😉

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