My Prints/Pattern Repeat

After getting some prints done for my sketchbook, I stared at them blanking wondering what exactly I was trying to achieve. Although they were all quite interesting, I felt more could be done with them. That’s when pattern repeat with Photoshop came to mind. below are my prints I created with Acrylic paint on layout paper 🙂

Dragging my feet to my Design and Research class, I had a little chat with one of my Lecturers asking her what she thought about my prints. After staring at them for a while, she suggested working with four of them at a time instead of one.

Then, it didn’t really get to me what she meant but I simply nodded as if in agreement. Went to the PC room and scanned my prints in.

inspired by a cosplay with safety pins on a mask. colored background with acrylic and the used stick for the safety pins (yes, those are meant to be safety pins =.=”)

inspired by imagining a very thick forest, i could see a lot of green( the background) and brown, strangely still see blue.

inspired by the sea and star fish (oh yes, them red blob looking things are meant to be star fishes’ ) and there’s some sea sand at the top :3

inspired by mud cloth. Still tryna remember what kind of a story i was tryna portray here, hopefully it’ll come back to me once more and I’ll remember to jot it down. 🙂

had a butterfly print ribbon that i used for my Harajuku cosplay at halloween and stripped it into three, painted over it. THAT (above) happened! XD

My hair’s on that lol jks. Used my hair to paint it. ;P
Inspired by my hair U.U

inspired by the mud cloth. 🙂

Now it was down to Photoshop to do the rest but unfortunately, I couldn’t quite remember how to do the repeat pattern. Decided to search for tutorial: of course using Google 🙂 Took a lot of searching there and here before I could get a tutorial that was quite simple enough for me to get it right.

  • First needed to open the pattern I want to repeat.
  • Reduce the pattern on to a smaller scale like say maybe 200 pixels; you can do this by going to the menu “Image” and then clicking on “Image Size”. Simply insert size into the width box and press ok.
  • Then go to the menu “Edit” and click on “Define Pattern”
  • Click ok when I’ve named it
  • Open a new file and make sure to scale to maybe 900 pixels.
  • Then go to the menu “ Edit” and click on “Fill”
  • Make sure under Contents in the use box ‘pattern’ is selected.
  • Select your pattern using the arrow by the custom pattern box and click okay.
  • There you go 🙂

I tried the pattern repeat with my favourite one and it did come out well, just still felt more could be done.

just repeating one of them prints

Then I joined two of the prints together, ones I felt would work quite well together. Pattern repeat and wala…

two prints

I was getting somewhere with this. Added two more of the prints and it came out really beautiful. Tried another one and that’s when I realized, that this might’ve being what my lecturer was talking about lol.

four prints 🙂

another four prints

I had fun AND I love Photoshop! XD lol

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